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Freeze Me – 3D Platformer Renaissance

Freeze Me is pretty much exactly the game that I’ve wanted since beating Mario 64 and never getting a proper sequel (we can debate until the end of time whether or not Super Mario Sunshine was a worthy successor and you will never convince me.) As soon as I heard about it’s development I began to follow it obsessively and watched every video that I could find on YouTube. This was partly because I was also developing a game and the fact that it was being made by one person was a pretty big inspiration and served to encourage me as I was learning. But a far bigger reason I was interested in it was that it was a bright, colourful platformer in the vein of Mario 64 and after twenty years I was finally going to get to play the game that I had been waiting for.

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3DP Renaissance Part 1 – Unbox

Welcome to the first segment in the 3D Platformer (3DP) Renaissance series! Today I am looking at Unbox, a game from a Manchester indie studio, Prospect Games. This isn’t a review. I’ve not played nearly enough of this game to give a review, but I have to be honest, I was surprised at the quality of this game. Unless there are some really big problems later in the game, I feel fine suggesting that if you want a cool, unique 3DP with fun characters and tons of charm that you need to play this game.

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3D Platformers – The Renaissance

If you stick around this site long enough you’re going to learn that I love two things above all else when it comes to video games. Virtual reality, and 3D platformers. Not long ago I had a major jones to play a good N64 era-like platformer, full of bright colours and silly characters. At the time there weren’t that many of them to play. I knew that Lucky’s Tale was coming to the Rift some time later, but I didn’t want to wait. (By the way, I will be playing some Lucky’s Tale over on the YouTube channel once I get that going.) I began searching YouTube to see if there were any new 3D platformers that I had not heard of. Who knew, maybe there were some on PC that I’d never played? I had been a console player for my whole life after all.

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Chronos: Rift Gameplay Commentary

Gunfire games contacted me not too long ago and said they noticed that I hadn’t reviewed Chronos yet and would I like a key to be able to do so? I told them that I would love a key, but my system isn’t up to spec so I’m not sure it would run. I’m rocking a GTX 770 and a DK2 on this bad boy (I’m referring to my computer.) He said he was going to check with the team to see what they said about it. After a few days I became impatient and asked if he had learned anything and he said they weren’t sure but I was welcome to try it. And try it I did.

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