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The Tree Of Babylon

I was contacted the other day by Lee Jeong-Mi, the developer of Tree of Babylon asking if I would check out her game and write about it. She is a one-person dev team from Seoul, South Korea who felt that the Oculus Store seemed to cater largely to males and she wanted to change that. “I need to see something beautiful on my Gear VR ” she said.

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Welcome To Dad’s And Dragons

Welcome to Dad’s And Dragons, a website for geeks, dads, geek dads, dads of geeks and anyone else really. We are a “For Purpose” organization, which is a way of saying that we donate most of our profits to charity. We’re not in this to get rich. We’re in this to do something that we love to do and to help others in the process.

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Classic VR Giant Review – Affected: The Manor for Gear VR

I’ve just finished playing Affected: The Manor and I have to say, this is probably what horror games or experiences in VR ought to be. It’s creepy, it looks great, it’s not too long and even though it has it’s share of jump scares, you pretty much know when they are coming and can be prepared. In other words, you’ll be able to get through this one.

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