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Farpoint Trailer – PSVR

This trailer for Farpoint looks amazing. This isn’t the first game that has made me wish that I had a PSVR in spite of already having an Oculus Rift, Gear VR and unlimited access to an HTC Vive, but it is the best looking one so far.

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Oculus Motion For Retrial Approved

In what will be a shock to no one born more than five minutes ago, it appears that we have not heard the last of the Oculus vs. Zenimax feud. Oculus motion for a retrial in the event the Court does not grant Defendants’ contemporarily filed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law has been approved.

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Welcome To Dad’s And Dragons

Welcome to Dad’s And Dragons, a website for geeks, dads, geek dads, dads of geeks and anyone else really. We are a “For Purpose” organization, which is a way of saying that we donate most of our profits to charity. We’re not in this to get rich. We’re in this to do something that we love to do and to help others in the process.

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