E McNeill Re-Releases His Strategy Game “Skylight” on Gear VR as Skylight Deluxe

E McNeill is a fairly prolific developer in the still nascent realm of virtual reality. Being the developer of one of the earliest hits on the Gear VR, the cyberpunk hacking game “Darknet”, he has since published two more strategy games; Tactera and Skylight and ported them to all of the biggest headsets including Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive as well as non-VR versions for Windows.

He released his turn-based, space battles game, Skylight as a free to play version on the Gear VR but found that very few people were upgrading to the full version of the game, something for which he feels he bears part of the blame but also believes that it is just due to the nature of the platform. Rather than just remove the free to play features and add a price tag to the existing game he reworked it with new campaign and added three new ships then re-released it as Skylight Deluxe which regularly retails for $11.99 in Canadian Dollars ($9.99 US), but is currently massively reduced and selling for $2.29!

If you prefer to play your strategy games on PC you can get them on Steam either individually or in the VR Strategy Bundle which currently sells for $34.99 and includes Darknet, Skylight and Tactera.

McNeill is currently working on his fourth game which is due to be released in a month or two. I haven’t been given any solid details other than this hint:


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Daryle Henry | Dads And Dragons