Oculus Motion For Retrial Approved

Oculus vs ZenimaxIn what will be a shock to no one born more than five minutes ago, it appears that we have not heard the last of the Oculus vs. Zenimax feud. Oculus motion for a retrial in the event the Court does not grant Defendants’ contemporarily filed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law has been approved. I’m no law-talkin’ guy but as I understand it they tried to have the judge grant a decision in their favour based on the fact that Zenimax had insufficient evidence. Apparently the court didn’t agree. So Oculus came back saying, “okay, when we said they didn’t have evidence we meant real evidence, not made up evidence. That made up evidence tainted the jury so, we call a do-over.” That’s a paraphrase from the court documents I linked to above.  The court agreed so back to trial we go. And by we I mean they.

The good news here is several fold. One, Zenimax may yet lose. People don’t like Facebook, but they really don’t like Zenimax. Two, if Zenimax loses we don’t have to worry about injunctions bricking our Rifts. Three, we know that we will see Palmer again (admittedly not everyone will think that is good news.)

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Daryle Henry | Dads And Dragons