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Snowdonia Review – Board Game

Snowdonia is a 1-5 player worker placement game by Tony Boydell. The advertised time is 30-90 minutes and is for ages 10 and up.

Snowdonia is my latest acquisition, so clearly, I need to review it. I’ve only played solo (for now), but the basic game play doesn’t change with the number of players.

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Catan: The Ultimate “Gateway” Game

Everyone knows the “classic” board and card games: Monopoly, Candyland, and Uno just to name a few. Sadly, this is the extent of their game knowledge. There is a whole world of board and card games that use new and unique mechanisms, instead of the “roll and move” we all grew up with. For my first game review, I thought I’d start off with a “gateway” game. The term “gateway” refers to a group of games that are easy to learn and play, and introduce the new mechanisms to the gaming world. There are many games in this category, but Catan is often considered one of the best.

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