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Freeze Me

Freeze Me is pretty much exactly the game that I’ve wanted since beating Mario 64 and never getting a proper sequel (we can debate until the end of time whether or not Super Mario Sunshine was a worthy successor and you will never convince me.) As soon as I heard about it’s development I began to follow it obsessively and watched every video that I could find on YouTube. This was partly because I was also developing a game and the fact that it was being made by one person was a pretty big inspiration and served to encourage me as I was learning. But a far bigger reason I was interested in it was that it was a bright, colourful platformer in the vein of Mario 64 and after twenty years I was finally going to get to play the game that I had been waiting for.

Freeze Me is a little bit eclectic. The first two levels are very much like something you would expect from Mario 64, though with far more tasks than you got from each painting. They are large and open and you don’t necessarily have to get the brick you have selected from the title screen. The image above is from the first level and the second level is darker and icier. I’m not a huge fan of ice levels and some of the platforming in the ice level is really difficult, partly due to problematic controls combined with tight timing needed to pull it off. The third level is more like Mario Galaxy with multiple planets each with their own gravity. Altogether it was a really ambitious game for a single developer to take on and overall it was pulled off extremely well.

Freeze Me is made by a one man studio called Rainy Night Creations in Barcelona, Spain. It was started when development on Freeze Me started. After Freeze Me they moved on to another game called Vaccine which is still in development but appears to be a Resident Evil-like, with PS1 style graphics and everything. Freeze Me was originally released on Steam and a year later was ported to all consoles.

This blog post is just the intro though, this series is all about the videos. You can check out some Freeze Me gameplay down below the ad.


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