Unbox – A Game That Delivers


Welcome to the first segment in the 3D Platformer (3DP) Renaissance series! Today I am looking at Unbox, a game from a Manchester indie studio, Prospect Games. This isn’t a review. I’ve not played nearly enough of this game to give a review, but I have to be honest, I was surprised at the quality of this game. Unless there are some really big problems later in the game, I feel fine suggesting that if you want a cool, unique 3DP with fun characters and tons of charm that you need to play this game.

In Unbox you are Newbie, the newest in a line of sentient, self delivering packages created by Global Postal Service (GPS) in an effort to cut costs by replacing human postal workers. It’s a very strange idea for a game and if I weren’t so hungry for for the genre I might never have given it a chance. That would have been a big mistake because Unbox is gorgeous, well polished, imaginative, funny and everything else you could hope for in a 3DP.

It has what looks to be a lengthy single player campaign as well as various split screen multiplayer modes. I only go into the single player in the video, but on my own time I’ve tried out the multiplayer and it could keep me entertained for hours if I still had real life friends. Curse you adulting!

Anyway, that’s enough yammering from me. This video will keep you busy long enough. It’s like, 40 minutes long or something. It’s a real investment but I hope you think it’s worth it. For now if you want to leave comments letting me know what you think you’ll have to head over to the YouTube channel and leave them there. Eventually I will have some forums set up here and we can all hang our there for a good virtual chin wag about what you liked and what you didn’t like.

For next week I have a few games I could look at. There’s Zissi’s Island, Poi, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger or Freeze Me. Check out those links and leave a comment below the video on YouTube for the game you want to see next. If I don’t get any votes, I’ll just pick for myself. Also, if there are other 3DPs that you want to see, just let me know and I will see what I can do.


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Along Together Review – Google Daydream

When Google Daydream was announced I thought that it had a good chance of being a Gear VR killer. It promised to be on more phones than Gear VR, be built entirely into those phones, it looked to be more comfortable and it had the motion controller. I was ready to jump ship, certain that the one that I was on was sinking. But before it was time for me to get a new phone, Samsung released their controller. That combined with the fact that I’d not been hearing great things about Daydream caused me to rethink abandoning my first love. While what a phone can do with VR is the most important aspect of a smartphone for me, for my wife it’s the camera. And Pixel boasts a pretty solid camera, in fact, at release it was lauded as the best camera on mobile. Thankfully that meant she went with pixel and I could now straddle the two ships, legs akimbo, like Van Damme in that commercial with the trucks. I don’t remember what it was for, but I remember the splits.

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Twisted Arrow Review – Oculus Rift

Despite the age old idea that you should not judge a book by it’s cover, and by extension, a game by it’s cover art, I nevertheless find myself doing that anyway a lot of the time. I think that adage came to be before a large portion of marketing budget went in to designing eye catching covers. I only bring this up because everything about the Twisted Arrow store art caught my eye, from the yellow and green colour scheme, to the font, to the way the word arrow is being busted up by an arrow, it just screamed production value. I’ve felt this way before though and wound up less than enthused with the product, but I’m happy to say Twisted Arrow is so very close to being every bit as good as I expected it to be.

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Batman Arkham VR Review – Oculus Rift

Batman Arkham VR is both more than I expected and less than it should be. I’ve not watched any gameplay videos of the PSVR version and so I thought that it was mostly a series of galleries with minimal interaction. In a sense it is just a series of galleries, but the interaction is far more in depth than I had given it credit for. On top of that the environments look every bit as amazing as you would expect from a Rocksteady Batman game and so it makes it that much more forgivable that you can’t move around these scenes other than by teleporting to predetermined locations. While I tend to be a fan of superheroes in general I am one of the few that doesn’t understand the extreme fascination people have with Batman. Nevertheless I’ve played many Batman games in my time and this one, despite how it clips your batwings, had me feel the most like I’d stepped into the cowl.

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Farpoint Trailer – PSVR

This trailer for Farpoint looks amazing. This isn’t the first game that has made me wish that I had a PSVR in spite of already having an Oculus Rift, Gear VR and unlimited access to an HTC Vive, but it is the best looking one so far.

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Galaxy S8 and VR Impressions

Because I pre-ordered my Galaxy S8 I was able to pick it up before the official release date on the 28th and since then I’ve had a number of people ask me if I was going to do a review. I still don’t know. I’m not sure that I’m qualified to review a phone, but I have no problem outlining my thoughts about it, especially as it relates to my area of interest, VR. I will also be receiving the 2017 Gear VR because I pre-ordered, which is nice because I own the S6 Innovator Edition which takes only the S6 and therefore, won’t fit my S8. In the meantime I’m borrowing the 2016 Gear VR from Nathan (Kimono Dragon) so that I can try out the S8’s VR capabilities. I do not yet have the controller either, but when that comes I will do a full review.

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Oculus Motion For Retrial Approved

In what will be a shock to no one born more than five minutes ago, it appears that we have not heard the last of the Oculus vs. Zenimax feud. Oculus motion for a retrial in the event the Court does not grant Defendants’ contemporarily filed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law has been approved.

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Review of God’s Hammer by Eric Schumacher – Book Review

There are two things that this review will contain. The first is a warning for potential readers and the second is my abundant praise for this this journey that plunges you into the imagined saga of Haakon Haroldson. So if you do not wish to be warned about something...
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Hidden Fortune – Gear VR Review

Before I begin I have to say that I am not the target audience for Hidden Fortune. I’ve been told by Archiact themselves that it is intended as a casual experience for people who like hidden object games. As a general rule I can’t stand hidden object games and I’m not big on casual games either. But Hidden Fortune isn’t exactly like most other hidden object games and though there are many areas that I feel can be improved, I have to say that it’s the best game in this genre that I’ve played.

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Giant Cop Review – Oculus Rift

When I first saw Giant Cop I thought it looked like a truckload of fun. Being able to stomp around a city as a 200 foot tall police man, help citizens or maybe wreak havoc that only a giant could, and toss crooks and ruffians into a massive collection bin atop the police station all sounded like something you couldn’t mess up. I was pumped. Unfortunately I found the overall experience to be pretty disappointing. It has moments of fun surrounded by periods of confusion, tedium, frame rate issues, and political jokes that were obvious and honestly, not what I wanted out of the game.

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Micro Machines – VR Giant Classic Review

I wasn’t expecting to see Micro Machines when I booted up the Oculus Store last night. I know that sometimes bigger releases don’t get pushed out on Wednesday with the rest of the riff-raff and so I usually check the store several times on Thursday but after checking several times today and seeing nothing I figured we were done for this week. Then, mostly out of habit and boredom, I checked the store again and there it was. And I became excited. I’ve never played the old Micro Machines but I know that those who did were often pretty big fans of it and I thought maybe this would be the Gear VR’s version of BlazeRush, which is an incredible game and have it or something like it on the Gear VR would be lit, or whatever the heck you kids are saying these days.

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