What is Dads And Dragons? Mostly we are a geek culture site. We love video games, movies, books, role playing games, collectible card games, writing, drawing and more. We wanted to have a place where we could write about these things, maybe record the odd video and hopefully build a community of like-minded individuals.

At the moment Dads and Dragons consists of two people. The first is Daryle Henry, formerly of VR review site VR Giant and self taught game developer. The second, but doubly handsome, is Nathan Swartz, chair of the Huron Food Action Network, an organization in our community to improve access to healthy locally grown food. He has guest blogged all over the place and worn many different hats over his incredibly long life. Incredibly long… That dude is old. You can see more about us below where we have written bios about ourselves in the third person so that it seems like someone else wrote it. This is common practice in the theatre, which we both used to be a part of as well.

But wait! There’s more! We are pretty big Harry Potter nerds and every year we mount a yearly Harry Potter fan festival in our hometown of Goderich, Ontario. The first festival was held last year and organized almost entirely by Nathan (and some crazy talented volunteers) to raise money for the Huron Food Action Network. It was a massive success. More massive than anyone had suspected. In fact, we had to turn people away and that made them mad. But this year and all future years it will become an official project of Dads and Dragons. It will be bigger and better and something you won’t want to miss if you love Harry Potter. You can check out the website for the festival here: www.hpfanfest.com.

Finally, we are a For-Purpose business. For-Purpose is similar to non-profit except that we pay taxes and don’t have a board. Once our salaries are paid and the expenses are covered we will be donating the rest of our profits to charities and community projects. Nathan and I have both benefited from the Children’s Hospital and from Ronald McDonald houses in the past and so we will definitely be giving to those charities at some point. For the 2017 Harry Potter The Transfigured Town Festival the proceeds will be given to the Huron Food Action Network as well as donated to help improve the downtown core of our hometown. Causes and charities may change from year to year.

Though we have no legal obligation to do so, we plan to be transparent in where our money is spent, how much we are paid and how much is donated. We feel this is in the best interest of all people involved.

Thank you for stopping by Dads and Dragons and we hope to see you again!

Who Are The Founders

Daryle Henry

Daryle Henry

Website Coordinator

Daryle Henry is the founder and former content creator of VR Giant.com, a website dedicated to Virtual Reality reviews with a strong focus on Gear VR. Aside from VR Giant he has done all kinds of other work from being a janitor at a mall to junior web developer at a small company. His primary geek passion is video games. He got his first Atari 2600 in 1987 when he was five years old and his relationship with video games has been strong ever since. His first virtual reality experience was a game called Dactyl Nightmare at an arcade in Toronto, Canada in the early 90’s. As with the Atari 2600, he found that experience unforgettable. In 2014 he became tired of waiting for the Oculus Rift to announce a consumer headset and he made a phone holder headset for his Samsung Galaxy S3. He was so impressed that it actually worked that he decided he wanted to learn how to make games himself for it. It has been a long journey, one that is still ongoing, and he hopes that you will be keen to join him on it. Since that homemade headset he has acquired the Rift DK2, Durovis Dive, Snail VR, Samsung Gear VR S6 Innovator Edition, Oculus Rift Consumer Version with Touch and if at all possible this list will continue to grow.

Daryle is married and has two young boys. One is seven and one is three. The three year old shares his strong love of video games and, in fact, would do nothing else, including eat, if he were allowed to. The seven year old is less interested in video games than he is in comic books and trading card games. Which is wonderful, as long as he doesn’t want to play sports because Daryle doesn’t want to watch sports. His wife is very understanding and accepting of his passions, even if she doesn’t share them all and she even pretends to like VR sometimes to make him happy.

Daryle will mainly be covering video games and everything related to them including virtual reality and game development, but also books and writing and whatever the heck he wants.

Nathan Swartz

Nathan Swartz

Event Coordinator/Old man

Nathan has over a decade of experience working with not for profits, his last position working as a Local Food System Coordinator. It was in that last role that the Harry Potter festival was born. His organization needed money and with the help of his wife, Amanda, he planned a Harry Potter Fan Festival in about three months raising over $10,000. He learned a few things by doing this… One, three months is not long enough to plan a festival, even a small one. Two, he loved running festivals, more then he’s enjoyed any job he has ever had. So when he was let go from his job after becoming the chair of a not for profit which had several ties to his employer, Nathan decided it was time to solve the biggest problem Not For Profits face. Fundraising.

More importantly, Nathan is a true geek. Largely in thanks to his two older brothers he was raised reading Marvel and DC comic books by the age of six. Reading TMNT graphic novels at seven. Playing RPG’s like twilight 2000, D&D and Palladium by the age of eight. Painting citadel miniatures when he was nine and watching anime by the age of ten. We’re talking old school anime, like the undubbed version of Macross the Movie, which in hindsight was probably wholly inappropriate for a boy of 10 years old, but we digress.

It’s clear that Nathan’s path was set at a young age and he would never properly socialize with non-geek peers again. High school was a mix of running RPG campaigns, playing Magic The Gathering in coffee shops, getting shoved into lockers by hockey jocks and constantly waiting for his superpowers to arrive. When Nathan got older and realised his superpowers were definitely not coming he learned to hide the true depth of his geekery just long enough to get married and have children of his own. Now that his wife knows and his oldest is of age to be truly indoctrinated into geekery he decided that it may be best to do everything in his power to make the world a better place for our kids, who will also eventually realize they will never get super powers.